Smoke and Fire

Its crazy out there. I woke up today and noticed the sun looks odd; it reminded me of the eclipse we just witnessed. The sun is very dim, you can easily look at the sun without discomfort (but not a good idea I assume) and it seems to throw an eerie light on everything, everything looks discolored. It is also hard to breathe, it feels like you are not getting enough oxygen, there is always something caught in your throat that makes you cough.

And the fires that are sending this smoke over to us are at least a few hundreds miles away, in the middle of Oregon. That's not to say Idaho is not burning also, but we are in the SW of Idaho and most of the fires that are burning here are well North and typically East also.

How many fires do you think are burning in Idaho - 2, 4, maybe 8?

How many acres do you think are burning, 800, 4,000 or 18,000?

It looks like there are about 30 fires, consuming more than 83,500 acres! I tried to compile some information from, so I could be off on the exact number of fires or the number of acres burning, but they had an interesting note on the update from Yesterday

  "Due to the number of fires reported, those under 250 acres will no longer be reported until size or behavior changes significantly"

Source =

And this is just Idaho. Every state in the Pacific North West is burning. Want to see something shocking? Here is a good map I found that shows all the disasters

Source = Esri Disaster Response Program
2 years ago