Cutting / Odd shape slabs

I am going to do a 2 part post about some videos posted by Blacktail Studios. They contain a ton of great information and tips about epoxy pours. But I wanted to point out 2 items that don’t have anything to do with epoxy. So even if you have no interest in epoxy, please check out the following posts and videos.


I have had this issue before and I hear it all the time in the yard. There is a great looking slab with a ton of character but a couple problems present themselves.

– We don’t have a current project that could use the slab as is (due to size or shape usually)

– We are hesitant to cut the slab or have a hard time envisioning how we may cut it.

In the video that follows, I want to point out a few items

– The use of a simple template to help you envision what cuts you would need to make to achieve the size/ shape you need

– Not to be afraid to cut a slab into the shape you need. The results can be spectacular.

DIY Epoxy Dining Table – Part One of Two

2 years ago